Ambassador Yu Dunhai Attends the Presentation of the “China Corner” at the St. Margaret College Secondary School Research Projects 2023
2023-03-17 18:30

On the 16th of March, Ambassador Yu Dunhai attended the Presentation of the “China Corner” at the St. Margaret College Secondary School Research Projects 2023 held at the China Cultural Center in Malta and delivered speeches. More than 50 guests including Ms Claudine Muscat, senior manager of the Office of the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation of Malta, Mr Martin Azzopardi, senior teacher of the "China Corner" and its students, director Yuan Yuan from the China Cultural Center, and representatives from Chinese institutions such as the Confucius Institute at the University of Malta and the Chinese Medicine Center, and the Mediterranean Regional Centre for Traditional Chinese Medicine participated.

Ambassador Yu firstly expressed warm congratulations on the achievements of the "China Corner" in the last year, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the hard-working teachers. He said that since the establishment of the "China Corner" 13 years ago, numerous and colorful activities have been held, which opened an important window for students to understand China's development and experience Chinese culture, and also built a bridge for people-to-people exchanges between Malta and China.

Based on his own diplomatic experience, Ambassador Yu said that the world is beautiful because of diversity. When people have the opportunity to be exposed to multiculture, they can step outside their own limitations and increase their understanding of others, thus achieving cooperation and peace and avoiding conflict and war.

Ambassador Yu mentioned that on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Malta last year, the teacher and students of the “China Corner” wrote a letter to President Xi Jinping, and President Xi Jinping warmly replied, which has become a new much-told story of friendship between the two countries. In his reply letter, President Xi Jinping fully affirmed the positive contribution of “China Corner” to promoting friendship and cultural exchanges between the two peoples. It is hoped that the teacher and students of the “China Corner” will live up to President Xi Jinping's earnest entrustment and continue to be the promoters of mutual learning between the two civilizations and the inheritors of the friendship between the two peoples.

Mr Azzopardi said that President Xi Jinping's reply letter has been inspiring him and the students. They will see this as a driving force to continue to run the "China Corner" better and make a positive contribution to the friendship between Malta and China. .

The student representatives of the "China Corner" said in their speeches that they were encouraged by President Xi Jinping's kind reply. China has a long and rich history of science, technology and culture, and has made significant contributions to human progress in related fields. In the past ten years, China's science and technology has developed rapidly, and it has achieved a leading position in many fields. In the continuous learning and research of Chinese culture, the students fully appreciated its profoundness, which aroused everyone's strong interest.

At the event, the student representatives introduced in detail their important activities, including in-depth research on Chinese tea culture, silk dolls, paper puppets, textile dresses, wooden buildings and sensor technology development. After the event, Ambassador Yu also presented certificates of merit to the studens, encouraging them to continue to actively participate in learning Chinese culture and understanding Chinese technology.

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